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PHYSIODOSE physiological saline is a sterile isotonic solution without preservatives.Presented in a single dose vials. It is safe, hygienic and easy to use.


Chlorure de sodium (NaCl) 0,9g Pourified Water q.s 100ml


PHYSIODOSE physiological saline is recommended for all family –infants , children and adults.

For nasal hygiene: to irrigate or cleanse dry or stuffed up noses.

  • For ocular hygiene : as an eyewash or bath to cleanse the eyes
  • For ear hygiene
  • For washing of wounds
  • For inhalation in aerosol therapy


How to use Physiodose physiological saline?

To Physiodose can be used on a daily basis for the hygiene of the nose and eyes, from one to six times a day , depending on the case . Do not use the same bulb for the nose and eyes .

For nasal hygiene.

With drip or wash for dry or stuffy nose.

How to use.

  • Tilt your head back .Insert  the tip into the nostril and gently squeeze the vial.
  •  Repeat in the other nostril.
  • Lift your head up to let the slime run , then wipe the excess.
  • Do not blow your nose violently for 10 minutes after administration.
  • In infants , Instill the product with the lowest possible pressure to remove any risk of middle ear infection .

For healthy eyes:

With drip , washing or bathing.

In case of treatment with eye drops , wait 15 minutes before to drip .

For ear hygiene
Use Physiodise to flush out solubilised earwax deposits and rinse the external auditory canal after using surfactant auricular solution. Use 1 vial for both ears. Wipe away the surplus liquid with  a gauze pad

Pachkage: 12 * 5 ml plastic vials


Manufacturer: Lab Gilbert, France

Importer: Demi Pharm LLC, Armenia