International name – MARIMER NASAL HYGIENE

Clinically proven product.

MARIMER NASAL HYGIENE is a 0.9% marine solution whose natural formula, rich in mineral salts and marine algae, helps reduce allergy symptoms and promotes gentle dissolution of nasal congestion.


100% sterile isotonic filtered sea water (equal to 9 g/l salt).

This medicinal product is designed with a special pocket valve system and an anti-fog gas, which ensures the contents of the container from the risk of external contamination.



Marimer Nasal HYGIENE is used in the following cases:

  • nasal hygiene and care
  • rinsing the nasal cavities
  • dry and blocked airways
  • during the elimination of symptoms of allergic rhinitis


Dosage and method of use:

frequency – 1-3 times a day, as needed

dosage – 1-2 puffs in each nostril


Can be used daily, for a long time, without limitation.


  • Do not use for the treatment of premature babies.
  • Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to sea water.


Manufacturer: Lab Gilbert, France

Importer: Demi Pharm LLC, Armenia