Gilbert A-CERUMEN Ear Hygiene 10 x 2ml is  a plant-based active surfactant solution to keeping the whole family’s ears clean. It’s 2 in 1 formula helps to safely and efficiently clean the earwax plugs.

Unlike the ear sticks that  provoke the occurrence of injuries in the cochlea, A-CERUMEN quickly and safely removes the earwax plugs without irritating the skin, so it is also suitable for children,(from the age of six months).



A-CERUMEN uses surfactant, plant-based ingredients and has a Preservative-free formula.

  • Gentle surfactants of plant origin – Sodium Acyl sarcosinate and Sucrose ester)
  • Humiectant, Excipients q.s 100%


  • Daily hygiene of ears
  • Earwax plugs elimination
  • Prevent the formation of earwax plugs

Dosage and method of administration.

1 – Tilt the head to the side which is not being treated.

2 – Squeeze half the contents of a single use dose into the ear.

3 – Massage the base of the ear.

4 – Return to upright position and wipe any excess product which might drip from the ear after use.

For daily hygiene of ears use twice a week.
On existing earwax plugs: for three to four days, morning and night.

Warning: once opened, single doses must be used within 24 hours.

Do not insert the tip of the vial too far into the ear as it may cause irritation

Keep away from eyes, do not swallow.

A-CERUMEN is an ear cleaning solution which is gentle, effective, and recommended for all the family.

Manufacturer: Lab Gilbert, France
Importer: Demi Pharm LLC, Armenia


Price 5940 AMD