Anti-bacterial protection system.

Gilbert Marimer Sea Water Sinusitis Rhinitis 30ml is a natural hypertonic sea water solution enriched in copper and manganese that enhances the cleansing the and removal of nasal secretions by an osmotic effect.

This solution is recommended in case of sinusitis or rhinitis. It restores the defence function of the nasal mucosa and helps the nose ensure its respiratory function.


100% hypertonic diluted seawater solution (equal to 28 g/L of NaCl), enriched with copper and manganese.

No preservatives.


Gilbert Marimer Sea Water Sinusitis Rhinitis 30ml is applied:

  • Nasal hygiene of adults and children.
  • for Sinusitis
  • for Rhinitis

Directions and Recommended Dose:

Dosage-3 to 6 sprays per nostril

Frequency-3 to 6 times a day or as prescribed by your doctor.

May be used daily over a prolonged period.

Nasal dose pump with anti-bacterial protection system: about 200 sprays.


Do not use if hypersensitive to seawater.


Manufacturer:  Lab Gilbert, France

Importer:  Demi Pharm LLC, Armenia