Marimer Baby Blocked Nose


“Marimer Baby Blocked  Nose” is a seawater spray (2.2%), rich with mineral salts and marine elements, which stimulates the delicate removal of the obstruction from the airways, especially when you have a baby and he/she  breathes heavily due to the stuffy nose.

Recommended for babies and children for hygiene and nasal hygiene when closing the nose or dryness.

The solution is ideal for daily or occasional use.


What does it contain?

100% sterile isotonic diluted seawater (equal to 9 g/Ll of salts).


Good nasal hygiene for your baby will help protect their nasal mucosa from external attacks and help prevent ENT infections. Using MARIMER BABY NASAL HYGIENE will help the nose to breathe up to the age of 6 months.

Why use “Marimer Baby Nasal Hygiene”?

  • For day-to-day nasal fossae hygiene
  • To decongest a blocked nose, especially when you baby has a cold, or is breathing heavily due to a blocked nose
  • To complement ENT infection treatments.

Directions and Recommended Dose

This medical product uses a microdiffusion process which will gently discharge nasal secretions. Its wide safety nozzle makes it safe to use on infants as soon as they are born.

How to use this product?

dosage-1 spray per nostril, preferably before every meal

frequency-1 to 4 times a day as necessary.

Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Do not use to treat premature babies.

Instruction for Use:

  • Softly insert the tip into the upper nostril and spray the “Marimer Baby Blocked  

Nose”   and repeat the process in the other nostril.

  • Lay the baby down (or have the child sit up)

Turn the head to the side.

  • Straighten the head to allow the mucus to drain. With infants: wipe away any excess fluid: Use a baby nasal aspirator in the event of high flow, With young children: ask the to blow their nose.
  • Wash the tip with hot soapy water after each use. Rinse and wipe.


Manufacturer: Lab Gilbert, France

Importer: Demi Pharm LLC, Armenia