Common Misdiagnosis Of Medication


The misdiagnosis of drugs can lead to many negative effects, especially when you are taking several medicines simultaneously.

Drugs contain many chemical compounds, supplements, dyes. Each of these has its own properties of interaction. For this reason, when taking medication you should first inform the doctor about your other illnesses and consult with the pharmacist when you buy the drug from the pharmacy. Accepting drugs also has certain rules that you need to know.

Here are some common misdiagnosis of medication that can harm your health.

1.Inaccurate dosage

Drugs have different effects on children and adults. While determining the child’s prescription, weight is taken into account. It is important to know the child’s right weight to make the right medication.

2.Inaccurate measurements

You should not use kitchenware, tea or lunch spoons to determine the amount of liquid medicines. Typically, the medication packages include measuring spoons and tapers, by which you must measure.

3.Not reading the instructions

Studies have shown that 54% of people do not pay attention to the instructions. If your reason for not reading is bad, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

4.Disregard of drug interactions warnings

For proper treatment, the doctor should be aware of all the ingredients and dietary supplements you accept. Some drugs interact with food and alcohol, so ask your doctor or pharmacist for a detailed explanation of how, when and how to take the drug.

5.Leaving the treatment unfinished

Especially antibiotics may not be effective if you do not get the whole course of treatment. In the event of cessation of treatment, antibiotics can cause serious complications. If you are not going to continue to inform your doctor about that and ask what the consequences may be. There are many cases when the patient has stopped cure and as a result has gained another illness.