Tonic action on venous smooth muscles, Counteracts inflammatory processes, activates lymphatic drainage

Action and composition


  •       diosmin micronized – 300mg
  •       troxerutin horse- 300mg
  •       chestnut dry extract standardized in coumarins -100mg
  •       vitamin C-25mg




VENOLEN plus contains diosmin micronized, troxerutin, standardized and titrated extract of

Aesculus hippocastanum (bark) and vitamin C. Diosmin and troxerutin are

avonoids from vegetal source, the aesculus hippocastanum supports the

microcirculation functionality, the vitamin C has an antioxidant action and

supports the physiological collagen formation needed for blood vessels normal


Recommended dose

For Chronic Vascular Insufficiency, Lymphedema –1 tablet per day.

For emorrhoids- 3 tablets first day, 2 tablets second day and per tablet next 10 days



Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of

reach of children under three years.

Storage conditions

Avoid exposure to localized heat sources, direct sunlight and contact with water. The expiry date

refers to the product properly stored in unopened package.

Produced and packaged in the plant of via Ariosto 50/60, Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI)- Italy on

behalf of Pharma Line S.r.l.