Demoptic contact lens solution

Description and composition

Demoptic multi-functional contact lens care solution (after referred to as the solution) is a clear or slightly opalescent colorless solution.



1 ml

boric acid

11,0 mg

sodium chloride

3,0 mg

disodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax)

1,15 mg


0,2 mg

disodium edetate dihydrate

0,2 mg

sodium hyaluronate polyhexamethylene

0,1 mg

biguanide hydrochloride

0,005 mg

poloxamer – 407

0,03 mg

succinic acid

0,03 mg

water for injection

up to 1 ml


Scope and purpose

The solution is designed for daily care of all types of contact lenses and provides cleaning, removal of protein deposits, washing, disinfection, storage of contact lenses for long-term comfortable wearing.

The solution is suitable for particularly sensitive eyes.

Properties and effectiveness

Thanks to a special moisturizing complex containing a natural component – sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), Demoptik solution provides a soft glide of the lens on the surface of the cornea, long-term optimal hydration and comfort. Sodium hyaluronate is a physiological polysaccharide compound found in both eye tissues and other human body tissues and fluids.

Special physical and chemical properties of sodium hyaluronate molecules are their pronounced ability to bind water molecules when using Demoptic solution, a thin film is formed on the surface of the lens, which protects the eyes from drying out and irritation.

The effect of the protective film begins almost immediately, thus the eyes are protected from the feeling of dryness for a long time.

Effective cleaner poloxamer 407 binds protein deposits, preventing their formation on the lenses.

Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride, which is part of the Demoptic solution, has a disinfecting effect, protecting the eyes and contact lenses from pathogenic microflora.

Succinic acid has a pronounced antihypoxic and antioxidant effect. in Demoptic solution, succinic acid reduces the risk of hypoxic complications associated with wearing contact lenses.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring substance found in a wide variety of organisms. The peculiarity of trehalose is its ability to play a protective role against cell membranes in the anhydrobiotic mechanism of plants and microorganisms (a state of slow metabolism that allows them to survive in conditions of dehydration). Due to its physical and chemical characteristics, trehalose complements the moisturizing, antioxidant and protective properties of the solution.


Indications for use

Daily cleaning, removal of protein deposits, washing, disinfection, storage of contact lenses.


Contraindications to use

Hypersensitivity to the components of the solution.

Dosage and administration

Fill the container to store lenses with fresh solution Timoptic. Remove the lens from the eye, put it on the palm of your hand and moisten it with a few drops of the solution. Gently wipe the lens with your index finger.


Washing / Disinfection / Storage

Thoroughly wash both lens surfaces with a fresh solution.

Put the lens in the appropriate cell of the container. Add in cell fresh solution Demoptic. The lens must be completely immersed in the solution. Close the container cell with a lid. Repeat the same operation with the second lens. Leave the lenses in a closed container overnight or for at least four hours (during this time, complete cleaning takes place).

Before putting on the lenses, wash them thoroughly with a solution to complete the cleaning process. Pour the solution out of the container and rinse it with fresh solution. Do not cover the container with lids, let it dry. Then close it. The container will be ready for use again.



If there is a feeling of dryness, discomfort in the eyes, it is recommended to remove the lens, drop 1-2 drops of Demoptic solution on its surface and put it on again. You can drop the solution without removing the lenses-1-2 drops directly on the eyes, then carefully cover and open the eyes again, while the lenses are moistened with the solution.

To moisturize the eyes, it is also recommended to use ophthalmic moisturizing solutions based on hyaluronic acid without preservatives (for example, DEMOPTIC moisturizing drops).

If the discomfort persists, remove contact lenses and consult a doctor.

Precautions for use․

You must follow the rules for lens care recommended by your doctor.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious eye diseases.

Do not use the solution in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the solution.

Do not add fresh solution to the container to the already used one.

Do not use water for lens care.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before working with lenses and solution.

To avoid contamination of the solution, do not allow the bottle divider to come into contact with foreign objects.

If the lenses are not used for a long time, it is allowed to store them in a closed container with a solution for no more than 30 days.

The bottle with the solution must be kept tightly closed.

Do not use the solution if the package integrity is compromised.

We recommend changing the container every 1-3 months.

Possible side effects when using a medical device, allergic reactions may Occur.


Manufacturer: LLC “Groteks” Russia