Throat spray for children and adults with propolis, Icelandic moss and N-acetylcysteine



Active ingredients:

100 grams contains: 1 dose (0.15 g) contains:
Liquid hydroglycerin Propolis extract (based on 12 mg/ml polyphenol) 10 g 0.015 g
Icelandic moss thallus (based on 30% polysaccharides) 4 g 0.006 g
N-acetylcysteine 1 g 0.0015 g



– throat,

– oral cavity

– and to maintain gum health Recommended.

– in case of inflammation of the throat and tonsils

– for colds and flu

– for the treatment of oral stomatitis

– for dry and irritated throat

Method of use:

From 3 years old: – 3 times a day after prior consultation with a doctor or pharmacist

Note: It is not allowed to exceed the dose for the day.

Shake before use. A precipitate may form.

Special warnings: This product is not allowed to be used by people who are extremely sensitive to propolis and other components.

Method of storage: Store the product in its original packaging, in a dry and dark place, out of the reach of children, at a temperature not higher than 25°C.

Shelf life: 3 years


Country of manufacture: Serbia.