DEMI NAIL Anti-fungal Gel

DEMI NAIL Anti-fungal Gel

Action and composition

  •   Aqua
  •   Glycerin
  •   Poloxamer 407
  •   Sodium Caproyl/Lauroylate
  •   Triethyl Citrate
  •   Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil.


 DEMI NAIL Anti-fungal gel is a product formulated based on efficient natural antimicrobial ingredients in a bioadhesive gel base. It contains an innovative active substance based on esters of Lactic acid obtained from 100% natural sources in combination with triethyl citrate, a natural antibacterial ingredient. Thanks to its confirmed efficiency in combating the causes of athlete’s foot, nail fungi and accompanying unpleasant odors, this combination of active ingredients represents a natural alternative to different synthetic antimicrobial products.

Anion properties of the active substance provide better adherence to the nail plate, as well as the surrounding skin, which provides long-lasting efficiency of this product for many hours.

It contains the Tea Tree essential oil, a known safe natural antiseptic, rich in content (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, cineole…) which makes the gel effective against bacteria a The bioadhesive gel  base in DEMI NAIL Anti-fungal gel allows the gradual and continuous release of the active ingredients at the place of application.


DEMI NAIL Anti-fungal gel is:

  •   an effective remedy that gives quick results
  •   prevents the spread of fungi on nails
  •   creates an environment that does not support the further survival of fungi
  •   without preservatives, colors and mineral oils


Use: Apply the gel in a thin layer to the surface of the damaged nail several times a day.


Storing: Keep it on the temperature up to 25 °C, out of reach of children


Note: Before using, read the Instruction for use.


Packaging: PE tube with 20ml of gel.


Shelf life: 2 years.