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Pharmacological effect. Vitamin B9 group (vitamin B.).

Follicodemin is converted into tetrahydrofolic acid in the body, which is a coenzyme involved in various metabolic processes. It is necessary for the normal maturation of megaloblasts and the formation of normoblasts. Stimulates erythropoiesis, participates in the synthesis of amino acids (including methionine, serine), nucleic acids, purines and pyrimidines, choline, histidine metabolism. During pregnancy, it protects the body from the effects of teratogenic factors. Contributes to the normal maturation and work of the placenta.


Folic acid (vitamin B9) plays an important role in the planning phase of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the need for folic acid increases significantly. The vitamin actively participates in the formation of the placenta, so its deficiency can cause placental insufficiency and early termination of pregnancy. Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), which explains its role in the process of cell regeneration, maintaining the normal structure of all tissues and organs, mediating the blocking of transformations into malignant cells, participates in hematopoiesis (in the formation of erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets).

Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus. When breastfeeding, the newborn receives the right dose of folic acid, all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the mother’s milk.

Folic acid deficiency in a nursing mother can significantly affect her well-being. This is manifested by the following symptoms: postpartum depression, depression, fatigue, and most importantly, it leads to a decrease in the amount of milk and a low content of vitamin B9 in the mother’s milk and, as a result, a lack of it in the baby. Children who do not fully receive folic acid during breastfeeding. begin to lose weight. they have a delay in mental and physical development, the immune response decreases, digestive tract disorders occur.

Pharmacokinetics. Folicodemi is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract after administration. Metabolized in the liver and tissues. Excreted with bile and urine. Penetrates BBB, through the placenta, is excreted in breast milk.


► Megaloblastic anemia caused by folic acid deficiency.

► As part of combination therapy for the following diseases: anemia and leukopenia.

► Prevent the development of fetal neural tube defects during the planning stage and during pregnancy in the presence of risk factors in the mother.

► Treatment of megaloblastic anemia due to folic acid deficiency or increased intake (including during pregnancy, malabsordom).

Contraindications for use

► Individual intolerance to product components.

► Contraindicated in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.


Method of use and dosage:

Pregnant and lactating women, planning pregnancy, take 1 tablet once a day with a meal, drinking plenty of water.

Side effect:

From the digestive system: rarely: anorexia, nausea, flatulence, flatulence, bitterness in the mouth.

From the immune system: rarely, anaphylactic reactions.

Allergic reactions: rarely: erythema, urticaria.


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