Easycol BABY +


Easycol BABY + contains lactase, an enzyme naturally produced, that helps to digest lactose, the sugar found in breast milk and infant formulas.


Easycol BABY + is a food supplement specially developed for parents whose baby suffers from transient lactase deficiency. While other treatments aim to relieve discomfort caused by digestive problems, Easycol BABY acts solving the problem, in addition to being a safe and natural product that does not cause any side effects.



The lactase enzyme of Easycol BABY + can be used with breast milk or infant formula. In the case of breast feeding, the product can be administered directly into the baby’s mouth

Age Quantity of milk per feed Number of drops per meals Quantity of lactase per meal Number of meals Daily intake
0-2 weeks 60-90ml 5 drops 750ALU 6 4500ALU
3-4weeks 120ml 6drops 900ALU 6 5400ALU
1-2months 150ml 8drops 1200ALU 5 6000ALU
3-4months 180ml 9drops 1350ALU 5 6750ALU
>4months 210ml 12drops 1800ALU 4 7200ALU


Country of manufacture: Spain.