Multi-Mam Balm


Herbal nipple care for breastfeeding mothers

Multi-Mam Balm is recommended for preventing cracked nipples and improving the condition of nipple area tissue. Non-sticky and easily absorbed, it protects the nipple area by replacing and supplementing the natural skin fat, and does not have to be removed before breastfeeding.



Multi-Mam Balasan

  • Is based on a combination of vegetable oils that are derived from lipids, such as sterols and prostaglandins,
  • contains enough scaly, the most important component of the human fat layer,
  • does not contain short-chain fatty acids, which are contained in lanolin and are known for their irritant action.
  • It has a neutral aroma and smell. Without conservatives.



  • To care for dry and sensitive nipples of nursing mothers:
  • Protection of nipples during feeding and prevention of cracks in the skin.
  • Recovery of natural sebum, which is removed during feeding, and additional moisturizing of the skin.
  • Rapid relief of pain.
  • Easily absorbed into the skin of the nipples, does not cause a feeling of stickiness
  • It is based on a mixture of vegetable oils.
  • Completely safe for the child, even if he swallows it
  • This remedy does not need to be removed before feeding
  • Even during feeding, the skin remains protected
  • Does not contain reagents and preservatives.
  • Without color and odor,  ease of application.


Manufacturer: BioClin, NL

Importer: Demi Pharm LLC, RA